Phelan Feature in Colchester Institute 2017 Prospectus

Phelan Feature in Colchester Institute 2017 Prospectus

Colchester Institute is the education centre that all Phelan apprentices attend and subsequently we have been featured in their 2017 prospectus.

One section says the following:

“Our partnership with Phelan Construction supports employee training in construction. Phelan understands its most important asset is its staff and strives to provide employees with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Studying degree-level construction programmes with us enables employees to enhance their knowledge base and expand their skill set to further their career prospects.”

Matthew Jolly, Client Relationship Manager says:

“Colchester Institute is a local first class educational establishment offering a wide array of high-quality construction courses; it’s a natural choice for us to send our employees there.”

Another page reads:

“Graduates are currently working as technicians, quantity surveying trainees and management trainees, with employers including Colne Housing Society Ltd, ISG plc, Cadman Construction Ltd and Phelan Construction Ltd.”