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Women in Construction

There is a significant shortage of women entering the construction industry. Phelan hopes to change this, as well as improve the workplace for our existing female employees.

We spoke with members of the Phelan workforce to find out about their journey into construction, what advice they’d give to other women, and what they enjoy most about their jobs. Watch our video to learn more.


In 2018, the government reported that only 14% of construction jobs were held by women.

15.3 million

According to a government survey, 15.3 million women in the UK aged 16 and over were in employment in October-December 2018.


Housebuilder Keepmoat commissioned a survey which revealed that only 13% of women aged 16-35 would consider a construction career.

Statistics show that of the approximately 27 million people who were working in the UK in 2016 (with a 50-50 divide between men and women), 2.3 million people had jobs in the construction industry and only 296,000 of these were women. This split is 87-13.

To tackle this on numerous levels, we have launched our ambitious and long-standing ‘Women in Construction’ initiative. This involves conducting internal reviews and building strategies to support, mentor, hire and encourage the women within our organisation. It also means working actively with young girls throughout their education; whether that’s school trips to live sites or providing female mentors for our junior staff. Our careers brochure showcases visuals of both men and women and aims to inspire young girls to see the myriad ways in which construction can be a financially rewarding and engaging industry to work in.

At Phelan, we are committed to improving the number of women working within the construction industry. It’s going to take a lot of effort over a number of years, but we are starting to make steps forward.

Neil Coy, Managing Director