Phelan’s SHEQT Director presents Phelan’s

Phelan’s SHEQT Director presents Phelan’s

On the 8th of March, Phelan’s SHEQT Director, Scott Manton, attended the head office of Hays Recruitment in London Victoria, to support the workshop being held to raise awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing in construction.

Scott delivered a presentation to industry leaders and health and safety professionals about Phelan’s work and how they are leading the way in health and wellbeing management. Attendees consisted of senior leader representatives from Mates in Mind, Hays, Engie, Maylim Limited, SHAW Balance, Bovis and Skanska.

As part of his presentation, Scott introduced the ‘Phelan Fine’ campaign and its components for success.

These include:

Mental Health First-Aid Training – Invest in training for employees from different areas of the business to become mental health advocates. Phelan supports these efforts with a poster campaign and workshops to promote talking about mental health in construction.

Self-Health Check Leaflet – We have provided our staff with all the tools for carrying out their own health assessments, such as urine analysis tests, OXI monitor, eyesight test, etc. Our informative leaflet guides employees through these health checks and provides support service information. All of this is available in every site office across our nationwide projects.

Occupational Health Support –  Phelan has invested in the services of an external occupational health consultant, ELAS. ELAS carry out routine on-site health surveillance and medical support for mental and physical health with the help of its team of occupational health nurses.

Scott said:

“It was encouraging to see a diverse audience in attendance, all aiming towards the same vision to better manage and raise awareness of mental health in construction. Because suicide is one of the biggest killers in our industry, we need to think of innovative ways of helping those most vulnerable.

The “Phelan Fine” initiative is one answer to this problem. We’re pleased to hear such great feedback on Phelan’s effective management techniques in this field, and we hope the positive impact of our efforts will continue.”