2015 Employee of the Year

2015 Employee of the Year

Dear Colleagues, Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of receiving your numerous nominations for the Phelan Employee of the Year. I am delighted to say, that there were 3 standout employees that were consistently nominated and I list them below (in no particular order), including the reasons that they were nominated.

Harry Brundle

  • For his personal and professional growth & development throughout the year. He has delivered great customer service, whilst still trying to learn the QS role in a challenging part of the business.

Jimmy Harrison

  • For the professional way he manages a site and his forethought, planning, attention to detail, good H&S and Client (Client team) communications.

Kris Kacynski

  • For stepping up to site management in his own right and carrying out several jobs to a very high standard – CAU Wimbledon and St Katherine’s Dock and Angus Steakhouse Leicester Square (which was handed over snag-free).

All of these great Phelan people are worthy winners for very different reasons – but there can be only one victor! AND THE WINNER IS….! HARRY BRUNDLE.

After joining Phelan’s Management Training Programme in 2014, Harry has been inspirational in the way he has stepped up into a full QS role at the University of Essex and other key local projects. Harry has a quiet and unassuming way about him but with his detailed and methodical approach, he generates confidence and trust in the client team.

I have personally received several glowing reports from customers about Harry and the way that he carries himself both on and off–site. He is an example to us all of how to achieve the “Holy Grail” of great customer service and improved margins. These two things can often seem opposed to one another but it is a reported fact that 81% of customers would be prepared to pay more to receive superior customer service. Well done Harry – you have set the bar exceptionally high for 2016!

Kind Regards Neil Coy | Commercial Director