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Phelan continues its support for local football team

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At Phelan, we do all that we can to support the local community and the communities in which we operate in nationwide. We’re always looking for ways to give back. That’s why we're happy to sponsor the Alresford Colne Rangers women’s football team, managed by Phelan’s own Customer Care Manager, Tony Birkin.  
The Alresford Colne Rangers have been proudly wearing the Phelan sponsored kit for three seasons now (the men's team for 2 seasons and women's team for 1 season). This season, the women's team have made fantastic strides in the Suffolk women’s league, qualifying for the semi-finals! You can see their progress in the league here:
Tony has been coaching and managing local football teams in Essex for 12 years, including youth, men’s and women’s football teams. As he notes, “I really love my football. It’s great fun to get out and enjoy the sport with loads of great and interesting people in the local area. The added bonus, as you can see, is that we're not doing too badly this season!”
Alresford Colne Rangers has a variety of age groups, from 16 up to 50, and a mixed ability. The main thing, as Tony says, is that "They all have the will to learn and have fun on the pitch, which is what matters.” He continues, “We play on a Sunday afternoon all across Suffolk, and train on a Thursday night at Alresford. We are always on the lookout for more ladies to come and have a go, whatever their ability”.

If you would like to learn more about the Alresford Colne Rangers womens football team, you can check out their website here:  

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