Phelan’s progress at Manningtree High School

Phelan’s progress at Manningtree High School

Back in late 2017, Phelan successfully completed its first project for Manningtree High School, the demolition and reconstruction of a new Art and General teaching block. Based on the success and strength of our prior relationship with the school, Phelan was awarded not one, but two simultaneous contracts in 2019! We are currently on-site making excellent progress on both these contracts, so, we thought why not take this opportunity to give people an insight into a live and professional Phelan construction site with a photo gallery. The photo gallery is at this bottom of this page, for your browsing pleasure.

So, let us put these pictures into context: what is happening at Manningtree High School currently?

Zone 1: The 2-storey extension of the school’s existing science block.

Phelan has completed the groundworks and has erected a 2-storey steel superstructure within a tight space between the Science and English teaching blocks. In the photo gallery, you can see the pouring of the concrete into a wireframe to form the first floor. The team have caused no disruption to school activities despite its location.

Once the team have finished the structural work, they will soon progress on to fitting external windows/doors and curtain walling on to this structure. When the external envelope works draw to completion, the team will move on to the fit-out of the seven classrooms in the coming weeks.

Zone 2: The demolition and construction of the drama block and dining hall extension.

The Phelan site team has moved on to more advanced stages in Zone 2. The old drama block has been demolished and cleared, and in its place, a single-storey steel superstructure; made watertight during the wet autumn, has been erected. The screed was laid before the winter break. Now the next few weeks will be spent on external groundworks and the fit-out the multi-functional dining hall and drama studio. Phelan is working towards completion of  February 2020 for this zone.

Overall, the Phelan team has continued to maintain an excellent relationship with the client, and work continues at a great pace. We have avoided any undue disruption up to this point, thanks to the team’s attention to detail and clear communication at each stage of this build.

Why pick Phelan Construction for your next project?

Manningtree High school and many of our past education client’s trust in our team’s ability to manage all the complexities that come with a LIVE education construction site. From communicating and scheduling works around school activities, keeping noise levels down or maintaining strict barriers and H&S standards around students. Phelan can cater to the bespoke needs of each client. See our other education projects here

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