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Oasis College, LambethHigher Education

Phelan Special Projects association with Oasis College spans several years, remodelling and refurbishing their premises in Lambeth, South London. As a charitable organisation, budget and strict control of the project finance is vitally important. Phelan Special Projects undertook this £165k refurbishment of upper floor spaces to provide a new training and breakout space "Red an... Read more

Oasis College of Higher & Education
6 weeks
February 17, 2014
Phelan's Tender submission was easily the best received. It was clear, the project understood and the most competitive. Transition from the contract tender team to the on site team appeared seamless. The tight time-scale meant it was imperative that the site manager lead the team in an exemplary way, planning ahead, actively developing detailed understanding of the project requirements and helpful whilst not stepping outside the contract, which he did. Cooperation between all parties ensured a successful completion on time for the client. Client occupation happened on time and the final contract sum was negotiated amicably with the aid of good records from both sides. There was little to remedy at the end of the 6 month completion of defects. Helen Roe, Architect - Atkinson Roe Arhcitects

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